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Before, During, & After Your Massage:


Before, During, and After Your Massage

  • Be open and receptive to the healing benefits of massage
  • Try to avoid eating just before your massage
  • Arrive on time to mentally relax and prepare, and to fill out paperwork if necessary
  • If you have any health concerns be sure to tell your therapist, give a full and accurate report
  • Tell your therapist about what areas you want to pay more attention to, communication is essential, if anything does not feel "right" or hurts let the therapist know. Want more pressure, or less pressure, please let us know
  • If you are not comfortable removing all your clothes, wear something that won't constrict you, It is well advised to undress to your comfort level
  • Remember to breathe through the massage, this will help the body and mind relax more
  • Try to relax as much as possible both muscles and mind, this may counteract the full effects of the massage
  • If you are not happy with the way the massage is going, or if you feel that something is inappropriate please speak up, it is your right to stop the massage at any time
  • Take time to be calm after the massage, this will help the healing
  • Draping is Mandatory. Illicit or Sexual Conduct WILL NOT Be Tolerated, and Will Immediately Result in Termination of the Massage Session. You Will Be Responsible for Full Payment, Charges Will Be Filed and You Will Be Held Liable of Any And All Legal Proceedings That May Occur.  

I take the safety of myself, the industry’s code of ethics, and the professional license I have very seriously. I appreciate your understanding on the subject matter as stated above.


  • Drink lots of water, you should always stay hydrated anyway, water is very important
  • Stretch between your massage sessions, at least 5 to 10 minutes daily this will help maintain muscle relaxation
  • Take care of your body in general: Healthy eating, and awareness of your body needs, getting extra rest is helpful as well
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